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-- as of april 29, 2017 --

currently inactive with trading. feel free to offer, but i will probably pass on trades a little more often than average. please respect this!
HTPW items (QTY 100) are only potentially uft for items in my goals wishlist - if that list is empty or hidden, those items are not available for trade at the moment. sorry!
QTY 77 items in my regular tradelists are buyables! I may miss some, though, so always check if that matters to you.
single-digit numbers (1-9) are actual quantities

This list is empty.

-- briefly... --

So, I want to make this list and then delete it and completely wash myself of any involvement with this situation after this:
Someone has brought it to my attention that Elexia has made a really sour/petty remark about me and another party (to whom I'm not affiliated, for the record) because of a miscommunication that happened on-site. It is pretty telling that she has felt the need to do so here on DTI where Neo's rules about harassing other players cannot touch her, even though she will insist that she is the victim here when she is not.
When she blocked me and prevented me from further explaining why what she said hurt me and caused me to react as I did, I decided to simply wash my hands of it and cut my losses, but I CANNOT abide by being lied about elsewhere with no means to defend myself. I had no issues with Lex prior to this really weird situation happened, and at most whatever I did develop was a bit of disdain for her negligence in being accountable for the way her words affected others. Now that I see that she's taken to opting to victimize herself instead of simply level with others as would an adult, I can't lie and say that I'm not hesitant to ever speak with her again.
Listen. I enjoy trading and treating people fairly, but when I feel as though fairness is not being shown to me in turn, I will say something about it and bump heads. This is not exclusive to trades being unfair, but also being spoken to with respect, as I felt I was not here. It is not fair for me to go out of my way as often as I do to make sure I'm being fair and polite, or to stress constantly about whether or not I'm valid in valuing things a certain way, only to have it blow up in my face. Literally all I have ever asked of anyone is for the same fairness I show them, to be shown to me; if that is somehow too much to ask then maybe it is better that we do not speak.
To people who are here just looking to trade and not involved, I'm sorry you have to read and/or scroll past this, lol. Like I said, I want it to be here for as long as I feel necessary, and then I will remove it. I never want to have to deal with something this ridiculous ever again.

This list is empty.

dyeworks pretties

because of the very weird nature of dyeworks items i figured it'd be good to keep a list specifically for them. this list can be considered as a highlights list, of sorts. they are probably not uft except for particularly tricky trades (ie not for buyables/custom etc).

This list is empty.

i. trading

all items in this list should be on my main account!
boxes available: ~10 (plus a few GBC for refills)

This list is empty.

ii. capsale

Note: these are 2:1 per cube-style gbc -only-. they are 1:1 for any other kind of trade. i'm almost always after current buyables from the mall though, so i'm always down for capsale trades.

This list is empty.

iii. special uft

these are items that are not necessarily hard to part with (although some are) - they're just items that i find to be somewhat liked or valuable, and best saved for a trade for tricky items.
i don't offer these toward easy wishes/may opt to keep items i prefer over the one offered etc., so sorry for turning down a trade even though it's fair! for this reason i don't set this list to "trading," so you were probably not brought here for any of these at least.
in a lot of cases i do not agree with current guide values for them, but i'm always open to discussion, as long as it's respectful.

This list is empty.

Items everyway wants

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i. current wishes

The exception is always my 2:1 capsale (if visible) - but
for the most part, I don't seek GBC unless I ask for them outright. Sorry!
QTY 21: seeking primarily from 2:1 sales - cap availability will vary though.
QTY 77: current dyeworks/buyable (for my reference)
QTY 22, 33, 44, or 55 - for a side account; please ask first, though!
other quantities: approx. value
_back to tradelists

This list is empty.

ii. secondary wishes

various nc items i like and will trade for from time to time, but are on the relative backburner. mostly doing casual trades for these items whenever i have a surplus of boxes!

This list is empty.

iii. littler wishes

v. goals

items of a particularly high value/profile that i'm interested in! if i pass on an offer it's probably because i can't afford to trade for them yet more than anything, lol.
i'm open to offers on htpw/special uft for these.

This list is empty.
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