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0. welcome!

thanks for visiting my tradelist!
jn list (non-wearables & box count) / closets/outfit lists
qty guide:
qty 100: hard to part with
qty 22: illusen_rocks_bacon / qty 33: tehmaniacalkitten / qty 44: salumai / qty 55: stargraves

guides/values: i use /~korolie and /~clara for my values, as well as my own opinions and history with an item. conversely, i do not acknowledge /~rinsey for any values due to it seeming to inflate values.
please be fair and reasonable when offering - i do not appreciate longshots or blatant under offers. if you know you're just after a bargain, please look elsewhere.
i have no particularly rare/htf dyeworks for trade, nor am i willing to seek them out for my wishes!
dyeworks i own will specifically be shown if they are uft - unlike other items, i'd rather you not ask about these if you do not see them here already. thanks for understanding!
htpw items are only up for trade for priority wishes (marked qty 100). these items are never uft for custom/caps/small wishes.
no matter the nature of the item on my wishlist, i'll avoid a trade if it does not feel right (especially if there is a huge value gap between the items).

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pretties that used to be harder to part with, but have probably been cycled out by newer additions.
only seeking equal-value swaps unless otherwise offered, please! open to fair casual trades.

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qty 22/33/44/55 denote which account an item is on; any other qty is the actual amount owned :)
feel free to ask about other small items as well.

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Items everyway wants

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current wishes

seeking for predetermined outfits.
qty 100: willing to offer htpw and/or closet / qty 22/33/44//55 - needed for a side account / qty 7: current dyeworks, not offering greater than 1-2 cap value for / other quantities: value
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gallery wishlist

items wanted for my gallery, treaterie.
since dti only lets you list wearable wishes, please redirect here for its entire nc wishlist.

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