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* about

welcome! thanks for visiting my tradelist.
please take a look at my JN for all of my unwearable items up for trade, as well as for my complete, checklist-able gallery wishlist (as well as the Neopoint Version.)

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ii. general tradelist

what it says on the tin!
sometimes interested in gbc, depending on the item and how many i have at the time.

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iii. capsale

these little diddies are 2:1 gbc. please save me from my hoard of junk!
this section is 2:1 cube-style GBC ONLY - otherwise i am seeking fair 1:1 trades.

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x.ii hard to part with

items in frequent rotation in my closet, only up for trade for particularly difficult/higher cap wishes (usually my priority/dream wishlists marked QTY 99).
i do not accept gbc/custom for the items here, sorry!

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Items everyway wants

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* dream/eventual wishes

long-term goals for my closet! not always seeking this list, but willing to offer
in kind when i am. trades involving mostly caps and/or custom - or for items i use infrequently - are preferred.
priority and secondary wishlists generally take priority over this list, rather than the other way around.
quantities are for approximate value of the item, at the time of my last edit.

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i. general wishlist

QTY 33/44/55 are for my reference, don't mind those
QTY 99 are highest priority - willing to offer htpw/highlights (when appropriate), and they are first choices for offering custom.
QTY 21 means i'm seeking it primarily from 2:1 sales, or 1:1 with other small items from my capsale. i typically do not offer htpw/highlight items for these.
i use /~Priscilla, /~Valentine and /~Grreggory for values, and i'm always happy to discuss if you disagree with the going rate.
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