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* about

welcome to my tradelist!
as of dec 4, 2019: i am still trading! currently updating my lists, i'm in hibernation :P
(feel free to still get in contact if you do find me, however!)
QTY 77 are items potentially on pretrade
QTY 88 denote that i'm unsure/skeptical of the item's value.
QTY 99 are htpw or maybe a little particular about - will be rather
specific of what i trade them for.
my inbox is always open! i'll do my best to followup if i think a mail's gotten lost,
but i'm shy and am afraid of bugging people :') feel free to nudge me if necessary!
grams available trade: no bonuses unless otherwise marked.
Ruby Red Sweetheart Gram x6 | Little Hearts Sweetheart Gram x2 | Forlorn Sweetheart Gram x3 | The Dark Hearts Sweetheart Gram
current stock
Gift Boxes, Faerie Quest Cookies, NC Custom, GBCs

This list is empty.

general tradelist

what it says on the tin!
sometimes interested in gbc, depending on the item.

This list is empty.

iii. capsale

these little diddies are 2:1 gbc. please save me from my hoard of junk!

This list is empty.

v. paint brush clothes

Items everyway wants

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* dream/eventual wishes

long-term goals for my closet! not always seeking this list, but willing to offer
in kind when i am. preference is given to going for custom/cap-heavy trades (or just for items i don't use).
priority and secondary wishlists generally take priority over this list, rather than the other way around.
if i have a lot of other wishes, i may pass on fair offers toward these.
quantities are for approximate value of the item at time of last edit.

This list is empty.

* dyeworks wishes

i. priority wishes

QTY 33/44/55 are for my reference, don't mind those
QTY 99 are highest priority - willing to offer htpw/highlights (when appropriate), and
they are first choices for offering custom.
QTY 21 means i'm seeking it primarily from 2:1 sales, or 1:1 with other small items from my capsale.
i use /~Priscilla, /~Valentine and /~Grreggory for values, and i'm always happy to discuss if you disagree with the going rate.
back to my tradelists

This list is empty.

ii. general wishes

various nc i like but may not have a use for yet. typically will still
accept offers for these in exchange for non-htpw items or custom (if i have it).

This list is empty.
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