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00. status/resources

last updated april 10, 2017
i'm pretty inactive with trading right now and don't have a strong desire for even current wishes. i'm up to casual trades at times, but am too satisfied with my closet to overtly seek things, for the most part. you're welcome to ask, but please do not press me repeatedly if i pass on trading a particular item.

guides i use:
/~Korolie, /~Clara (for stable items with no other reference), & /~Saphronn sometimes;
i do not refer to /~rinsey as I find many of its values to be inaccurate.
above all else, be fair when offering. i do my best to always make fair offers, and only ever make lowballs if i'm out of the loop on the value of an item - as such, if you know you're only after a bargain at my expense, do not contact me.
Quantity Guide:
single-digit quantities: amount owned
QTY 100 are HTPW, and are only UFT for other items marked QTY 100 unless otherwise offered.
QTY 22, 33, 44, & 55 are items on side accounts...
#22: illusen_rocks_bacon / #33: tehmaniacalkitten / #44: salumai / #55: stargraves

QTY 77 are buyable or recently retired (new, in the progress of marking items for this)
QTY 99 are gifts (only applicable if my extended TL is visible); these items are not uft for anything.

This list is empty.

i. backgrounds

This list is empty.

ii. foregrounds

low-standing frames, trinkets and stages

This list is empty.

iii. garlands

high-hanging frames and background items

This list is empty.

iv. clothing

shirts/dresses, shoes, and trousers

This list is empty.

v. wigs

wigs, hats and other headgear

This list is empty.

vii. accessories

contacts/facepaint, jewelry, handhelds

This list is empty.

z. 2:1 capsale

all other sdb items - uft 2:1 per gbc.

This list is empty.

Items everyway wants

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current wishes

The exception is always my 2:1 capsale (if visible) - but for the most part, I don't seek GBC unless I ask for them outright. Sorry!
QTY 100: willing to offer htpw and/or closet (please keep values in mind though)
QTY 21: seeking primarily from 2:1 sales/for small customs rather than items
QTY 77: current dyeworks/buyable
QTY 22, 33, 44, or 55 - needed for a side account; just for my reference haha
other quantities: approx. value
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general wishes

various nc items i like and will trade for from time to time, but are on the relative backburner. mostly doing casual trades for these items whenever i have a surplus of boxes!

This list is empty.
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