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I am going out of town and will be on the road the 24th through the 30th. I will most likely be able to get online at the hotels in the evening only. The rest of the time by phone, but trading by phone...yeah. Anyway, if I'm poofy, this is why.

NOTE: Sorry, but not everything is in the right category yet! There are rare items in my regular trades and items in highlights that have been re-released and are no longer rare! I'm still sorting.

Happy to search your TL for something if you don't have my wishes. WL is also a work in progress and is growing daily.

I am using ~waka for values. I am mostly interested in trading items for items (instead of GBC) and I much prefer equal trades in terms of value and rarity.

I can also offer GBC if you don't mind older ones (cube-type).
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*UFT - Regular*

UFT for wishes or GBC

This list is empty.

*UFT on Sides*

(Numbers are my shorthand for tracking which side these are on - not value or quantity.)

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Closet and Special - HTPW

These are things that are officially "closet run over". i.e. I like them a great deal, but do not have a current outfit worked out yet. I'll be picky to very picky trading these.
Note: I have this category set to public at the moment, so items here will not show up under a DTI search. Please bookmark if you want to find it again.

This list is empty.
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