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* *** **** *** *

I found a trade for my biggest wish (Sewing Room BG) so I'm currently redoing er...everything. :D
Some lists are made private in the meantime.
I'm happy to look over your WL/TL if you have one half of the equation - one of my wishes or a wish for something in my UFTs.
My Neomail is always open for trading!
Unwearables for trade are on jn:
Oh and yes, I still have some GBCsUFT.
Some Value Guides: | | |
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*UFT - Regular*

Trading for whatever. I also have cookies, grams, caps and game widgets in my gallery:
Cookies, Caps and Grams
Everything in that category is also UFT.

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** Priority **

Things I really love and I'd like to build a customization around.
Offering custom/GBC or possibily some closet items for things in this section esp the higher value items. Please feel free to inquire! :)

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Need to Replace

While I'm pretty much resigned to never seeing these again in my closet, I would love the opportunity to replace one or two of them if you have any UFT. Items marked 99 mean I'd trade my very HTPW for them.

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