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* *** **** *** *

Still looking for some of the new DWs dyeworks esp.: Brown Hanging Winter Candles, White Snow Covered Flowers, all three of the Dress colors and/or possibly lends of the dress, candles and FG since I'd love to have a few of each. Yes, I still have a few GBCs. :)

Also, looking for anything else on my WLs and GBCs. Open to casual trades as well.

Some Value Guides:
This list is empty.

* UFT for Dreams/Sewing Room BG *

Public Closet Stuff - VHTPW!
This section is only UFT for the Sewing Room BG mostly and other Dream Wishes. Please don't ask about trading these for GBC/Caps or misc items - ty for being understanding.
This section is set to "public".

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*2:1 Sale*

Trading any 2 items in this list for 1 GBC cube
any 1 item in this list for an old-style capsule or FQC/Lab Ray Cookie or Wild Card Cookie. Also UFT for wishes.

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*UFT - Regular*

Trading for whatever. I also have cookies, grams, caps and game widgets in my gallery:
Cookies, Caps and Grams
Everything in that category is also UFT.

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Items jendea wants

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** Dreams **

Higher valued items and hard to find things I think are awesome!
Trading from Closet/HTPWs/Regular TL/GBCs (if I have them or are available in the mail).
Custom is often an option too.
Not picky about boxes if you want a lot of small things. For these, I will find a way if I don't already have them.
My #1 Dream Wish is the Sewing Room BG. I do a lot of fabric art, fabric collage and quilting in RL so it's close to my heart. Besides, my Plushie Gnorbu needs a place to work! :D

This list is empty.

*Regular Wishes*

Still interested, but less actively seeking these.

This list is empty.
Dress to Impress
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