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0. A Quick Note

I have this side account I’m trying to close out. Everything is 2:1. As long as there are boxes listed however trades are 3:1. The direct link is here:

(currently has 2 boxes.)

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1. 9 GBCs And Up Please

(Any # found here denotes quantity.)
I am willing to haggle with these values.

This list is empty.

5. Grams

None of the following Grams have the LEs. I therefore value them at ~1-2.
Brilliant Ombre Sweetheart Gram
Ruby Red Sweetheart Gram
Little Hearts Sweetheart Gram
The Dark Hearts Sweetheart Gram
Snowy Holiday Cracker Gram X4
Black Heart Sweetheart Gram
Queen of Hearts Sweetheart Gram X3
Rustic Love Sweetheart Gram X2

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6. Wearables For Trade (Without Stable Values)

These items do not have values listed on ~Waka, the only value guide I currently use. They may be brand new items, or items rarely traded. If you'd like me to consider trading them with you, you will need to let me know, and then create a value board and link me to it via neomail. Also please note I may be pickier with some, and not so picky with others.

Thank you! This list is empty.

8. 1 Cube Please

(Any # found here denotes quantity.)

This list is empty.

9. 2 For 1 GBC Trade List

This section is a combination of unpopular retired items and buyables. Yes! The dreaded buyables!! If you can't handle the mixture, it's only this section, and you may skip it!

(Any # found here denotes quantity.)

ONLY 2:1 when a GBC is offered! If offering a cookie or non-box producing capsule then 1:1!

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Items CupcakeBakery wants

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Cupcake Account Related (Non-Priority)

All related to my account, non-priority... would like to find in 2:1 or as fillers for larger trades...
Neopets 14th Birthday Commemorative Mystery Capsule (for my cupcake gallery!)

This list is empty.
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