Parkaposy's items

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Items Parkaposy owns

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Trading for 1 GBC value

5 = On Side account

This list is empty.

2 : 1

Will trade 2 of these items for 1 GBC

5 = On side account

This list is empty.

Galaxy Gallery

Sorry, these aren't for trade. Just showing them off.
Take a peek at my gallery on Neopets to see the full Galaxy Gallery

NP items are included on this list for my convenience

This list is empty.

Things I have

Hard to Part with items. Stuff I think is neat and hold onto, but currently don't have any customs planned with them.

This list is empty.

Items Parkaposy wants

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Casual Seeking

Items I think are neat but arent in a rush to get. No set customization for them but I just like the items

This list is empty.

Priority Wishlist

Items I want for current customizations. Willing to trade gallery items for these. Items marked with a 2 are highest priority

This list is empty.
Dress to Impress
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