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Hello, I'm Nic~! I'm online daily and always willing to look at TL's and such, so if I have something you're looking for feel free to drop me a mail at Bluebell3003 and I'll get to you ASAP :)

If I don't reply within 24-48hrs I promise I'm not ignoring you, I just may not have gotten it! If this happens, feel free to send again!

XXX NOTE: I am only seeking wishes and GBCs at this time XXX

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AC Gear

Hard To Part With

Items that are harder for me to part with for one reason or another, but feel free to offer! Just know I may not be as inclined to trade these as casually, but I am always up to hear offers :) 999 are hardest to part with, but try me!

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NC Tradelist

My general trade list. If you want one of these items but don't have one of my wishes, feel free to mail me your tl or let me know if you can offer a custom or GBC.

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Potential Trade

I have sent out a mail to someone offering them these items, I'm waiting for a response from them before adding it back into my tl

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Zzz Non-Wearables

New Year 2018 Celebration Mystery Capsule (x1)

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Items bluebell3003 wants

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My High Priority Wishes

Seeking these items for customizations!

Values are from /~waka for my reference! If values are not on waka I go off of /~Priscilla


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Z NC Mid/Casual Priority WL

These items aren't a necessity, but are a bit more wanted for potential customs than my low priorities.

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Dress to Impress
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