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Items shami_209 owns

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0. Intro

Heeeello :D!
If you are interested in something on my list, I hope you read this before you bring me your nice offer ^u^

1) I don't have many goals, but I will always be willing to work on trades (if I have enough boxes) even if you don't have my wishes! so feel free to send me your tl, i promise i will do my best to trade with you heart

2) If you mail me, I want to ask you a favor! :D I usually answer on the same day, if not, please be patient or write me again, nm don't bother me, I promise!! but I'll appreciate it if you don't write to multiple people (this includes me) T___T if you can't wait a day, I'll understand! personally my etiquette is to wait even up to 1 week for a response, but I don't waste other users' time, I'm an adult and I have a life just like others! I hope you understand me :'D

3) I have a lot of items in my SDB and side account(s), so show me your wishes too! heart

Happy trading!


This list is empty.

1.0 closet uft

Part of my closet! (NOT uft for custom/gbc, unless I mention a specific item in a topic, sorry!)

I'm looking for some of my biggest dreams!! or my htf wishes :D
Feel free to mail me (if you don't hear from me in 24h, write me again, please)

999+ = mainly searching items with high values, if I can dream, to be able to work for the rooftop BG/Bubbling Fountain BG, but feel free to offer, I'll take other offers!

This list is empty.

1.1 highlight

This list is empty.

1.1 UFT

This list is empty.

1.2 dyework spares

This list is empty.

2:1 GBC

This list is empty.

Np: Sale


This list is empty.

x. Extra PB clothes

This list is empty.

(Not in a list)

There aren't any items here.

Items shami_209 wants

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0. Currently seeking: dyeworks

Items I'd like for my dw collection ;D

999= Dreams
This list is empty.

0. Currently seeking! (top priority)

Feel free to mail your wishes, i can offer custom and gbcs ;D

This list is empty.

1.1 Need to replace :x

99= priority (Offering custom or gbcs if available)

77= pending trade :D

This list is empty.

4. Friends wish list

This list is empty.

Casually seeking

Dreams :B

Would you be interested in my soul for any of them? lol

This list is empty.

I don't have them but I think they are nice ü

List with some items that I think would look great with some stuff on my closet, but they are not really wishes, so they don't have priority, although I wouldn't mind having them someday! c:

This list is empty.


Full WL on

This list is empty.

x. PB clothes

This list is empty.
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