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I am currently in the middle of a veeeeeery long hiatus. I don't know when I'll go back to actively playing or anyting, so PLEASE understand that I will not respond to most (if not all) neomails as I've been only logging in every once in a while.

Feel free to neomail me concerning trades, but don't really expect a fast answer or any at all. I may be donating some items.
Thanks for understanding and happy trading :)
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1. Attention!

I'm really on and off neopets atm, so keep in mind that I may take a while to answer neomails, depending.
I have a terrible memory, so if you sent me a message and I didn't answer, odds are that I saw, left to answer later and most likely forgot to OR didn't receive it at all (has been happening), so don't be afraid to neomail me more than once!

Contact for trading: larissa_eldest Do not mail my other accounts!

Items on the "General" wishlist are itens I really need for my pets' customizations. Some are more needed than others, so even though I'll trade for most of them, keep in mind I may also say no. Items on the "Lowest" wishlist are items I find cute but don't actually need. Please understand if I decline an offer of one of those. :( I'd rather get my hands on them as fillers on trades.

I prefer trading most of my itens for wishes rather than GBCs, but feel free to offer them if that's all you've got. All I ask of you is that you respect my decision if I decline a perfectly fair offer.

Boxes: 0! needing GBCs!

GBCs: 0 (only trading these if I offer!)

Custom: 50NC

Last updated: Aug 4th 2017

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Looking for GBCs and wishlist.

"222" means it's on a pending trade.

This list is empty.

C. UFT on side accounts.

These are UFT for GBCs mostly (since I have none or too little boxes on their accounts), but feel free to offer as well.

"10" means I have at least one box on the account the item is found at.

"222" means it's on a pending trade.

This list is empty.

E. Closet

This list is solely to show off.

These are not UFT! Don't even try them.

thank you so much jaylanna for Orbiting Planets Garland!!!

thank you so much blueivy18 for Dark and Eerie Smoke!!!

thank you so much cyndikins for Star Dust Wig!!!

thank you SO much sassyface372 for Cloud Castle Background!!!

thank you so much cytherea007 for Dyeworks Blue: Magical Golden Markings!!!!

thank you so much sobressair for Grand Oak Tree Background!!!! thank you so much heartbreakahh for Stormy Ombre Dress!!!!

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Items larissa_eldest wants

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A. High priority

I REALLY want these!

Items marked as 99 are SUPER TOP priority, I'm crazy looking for them.

Items marked as 999 are the ones I'm willing to trade my soul for. (lol kidding) Really want them tho, may trade for closet items depending on which.

Items marked as 222 are the ones I have pending trades for.

If its marked as 21, it means I'd rather get it on 2:1 trades.

This list is empty.

C. Lowest priority

Wouldn't mind having these. They're just itens I'd like to have someday, but most likely I won't trade for them, unless they come a fillers on trades.

This list is empty.

E. I love backgrounds

I LOVE backgrounds, so I'd love to have these. Doesn't mean I'll just trade for them though, would prefer for them to come as plus ones in a trade, but either way just ask me about it.

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