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~Availability to do any trades depends on how many gift boxes & GBCs I have:~

Current GBC count: 10

Current Upcycles count: 5

Current gift boxes count: 0

Custom: 600 NC

Items I frequently use on my pets. However, willing to trade (esp. items not numbered) for some items on my top priority list so just offer. I'm on neopets daily and will answer all your mails and offers! :)

Numbered 3 items = Permanent Customs. Never UFT unless specified

This list is empty.

Up For Trade

UFT. Just offer.

2= duplicates.

This list is empty.

Items undeadhanky wants

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Low Priority

Items I would love to have but don't necessarily need atm.

If I have spare GBCs and lots of gift boxes, then show me your 2:1 list that include the items numbered #21

This list is empty.
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