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00 Highlights

Box count: 2

I am also willing to trade for Green NeoBoard Pen. :)

other wishlist:

other tradelist:

^ All of the items above are from various sides and will always require a GBC.

Numbers indicate the quantity.

This list is empty.

000 Lending

NFT. Lending these for 2:1, 1:1 old gbc

99 means they're on a side. A simple reminder for me.

Yes, I have 8 Multicolour Wig, I have seven UFT.

This list is empty.

000.1 2 + 1 GBC Sale

For 2:1 items, I accept FQFC/Upcycle/Dyework Pot for 1. So it's 1:1

Old caps would be 1:1

Other items listed in this DTI that is not included in this section is obviously not included in this 2:1 sale.

This list is empty.

11 Side Account Trade List

May Require GBC to trade.

11 - cheyarafim - raindorf goodie bag,

22 - 1garette6 - raindorf goodie bag, vandagyre goodie bag

33 - lilith_16 - Pikis Valentine, Raindorf and Vandagyre Goodie Bags (underscore lilith underscore 16 underscore, because markdowns keep messing my UN up.)

44 - garetteadopts - raindorf goodie bag

other unlisted SDB items are on another DTI:

This list is empty.

Items garette wants

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00 NC Items I like

Always Seeking The Following Items: * GBCs (Old or New, I don't mind) * Silver Cask Key * Ice Candy Cane Key * Upcycle Cookies * FQFCs * Dye Pot * Neoboard Green Pen

I don't spend my money on Neo. What I have is what I got. So I might trade my NC items for these.

Number indicates how many caps I'm willing to trade for the item.

This list is empty.

My Wocky Gallery Wishlist

Not really a priority but I'm seeking these as well. Reminder that I need to complete my gallery. Yes, Mallards. Because they sound just like wockies! :D

Also, check my JN Wocky wishlist:

This list is empty.

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