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"HTPW" is bullshit. drops mic

I'll only take items from my wishlist or GBCs.

I own ONLY mutant pets (more than 20 of them) and therefore most wearebles are worthless to me. I'm a hoarder, however, with a passion for Halloween/Spooky and Goth themed items and backgrounds.

I do not trade my backgrounds, my mutant wearables or anything that can be worn by mutant pets such as foregrounds, trinkets, etc.

I don't usually ignore neomails, only if you ask me to trade items listed as "Not UFT". Mail me again, sometimes it gets buried under my notifications.

This list is empty.

Collection: Monsters & Mayhem

Not UFT at the moment.

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I'll only trade this for Mutant Spring Headband.

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Those are UFT. Backgrounds (except for duplicates) and Mutant items are not UFT.

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