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00 - Hey there!

Welcome to my tradelist!

Last updated: March 18, 2018

I have been buying and trading NC since 2009, so as you can imagine this is a long tradelist, it may take a second to load!

Just about all of my wearable wishes have been completed, though I don't doubt I will have more eventually!! If there's nothing on my WL I am pretty much always seeking GBCs, fortune cookies, and custom! I also really enjoy browsing TLs as I was on hiatus for a while and missed things!

You can find my non-wearable (including old sweetheart grams) TL here:

If you're curious (or nosy haha), feel free to have a look at my closet (but be warned, nothing there is UFT currently) here:

Neomails more than welcome. However, please note that I've been going through phases of inactivity. Sometimes I'm not on for weeks at a time, and sometimes I'm on a lot every day! If I don't reply I'm not ignoring you, I'm probably just not on. Feel free to try again. :)

Items marked with an 88 are items on hold temporarily for a pretrade. Items marked with a three digit number refer to the account the item is on.

This list is empty.

01 - Dyeworks Lending

I am able to lend the following dyeworks items 2:1 for a GBC, or for a training/upcycle cookie, or a small wish!

These items are not for trade unless I have a duplicate, if I have a duplicate uft then it will be listed in my trade list!

This list is empty.

03 - Highlights & Pretty things

These items are NOT HTPW or anything like that. These are just newer / more popular / higher valued items I have UFT.

At this time my wishes are currently limited and some things may be on hold to save for future wishes. Many items are NOT uft for GBCs/custom, but some are. More than willing to trade multiple items for populars of higher values. There's no harm in asking, I also love browsing TLs. :D

Any 3 digit numbers are for my reference and indicate which account the item is on!

This list is empty.

04 - 1 GBC Sale

Items here are slightly more sought after / are items I sort of like... but have doubles or just don't use. I can trade any of these items for 1 GBC, or upcycle cookie. Some also possibly for FQCs/training cookies. Can also trade multiples from this list towards bigger wishes/populars, I usually have a decent supply of boxes on hand.

This list is empty.

05 - 2:1 GBC 1:1 FQC/training cookie Sale!

This here is 98% of my 1-2 cap value stuff. Aka, the junk. :P Most of the time I am more than happy to trade these items 2:1 for a GBC or upcycle cookie (depending on my box situation) or 1:1 for a buyable wish, dyepot, training, or faerie quest cookie.

Of course, I'd also trade these items 1:1 for 1-2 value items from my own WL if I have any, or multiple from below towards higher valued wishes/populars!

This list is empty.

Items kaylawuvsnc wants

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01 - Actively Seeking

Items on this list are ones I am actively seeking as I have a customization already made up, or I just HAVE to have it. I will likely offer customs / GBC if I have them available.

This list has been a little empty lately, but I'm sure I'll fill it again soon! I am almost always seeking GBCs, fortune cookies (upcycle, training & faerie quest), & customs. I also love browsing TLs! :)

88 = slightly higher priority

This list is empty.
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