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00 - Hey there!

Welcome to my tradelist!

Last updated: January 15, 2018


I have been buying and trading NC since 2009, so as you can imagine this is a long tradelist, it may take a second to load!

After 8 years, I finally feel like I have a fully sorted and complete tradelist! YAYYY!!! Please be aware though I DO have a separate page for my closet items. If you happen to have one of my big wishes PLEASE don't hesitate to show me your WL. I may have something tucked away. :)

You can also find my 2:1GBC sale here:

And, my non-werable (including old sweetheart grams) TL here:

If you're curious (or nosy haha), feel free to have a look at my closet (but be warned, nothing there is UFT currently) here:

Neomails more than welcome. However, please note that I've been going through phases of inactivity. Sometimes I'm not on for weeks at a time, and sometimes I'm on a lot every day! If I don't reply I'm not ignoring you, I'm probably just not on. Feel free to try again. :)

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02 - Highlights & Pretty things

These items are NOT HTPW or anything like that. They are all very much UFT. These are just some of my nicer items that I see more often on peoples WLs.

I may accept GBCs for some of the smaller items, but I will likely state that on a board. Otherwise I much prefer item for item trades from my WL. :)

Also more than willing to trade multiple items for mid-higher valued populars to help me get my wishes! :)

Some higher valued populars may only be uft for my high priority wishes at this time! Sorry!

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04 - Decent Stuff

Items here are slightly more sought after / are items I sort of like... but have doubles or just don't use. I can trade any of these items for 1 GBC, a small (100-200 NC) custom, or a small wish. Can also trade multiples from this list towards bigger wishes/populars, I usually have a decent supply of boxes on hand.

This list is empty.

05 - Regular Tradelist

This here is 98% of my 1-2 cap value stuff. Aka, the junk. :P Most of the time I am more than happy to trade these items 2:1 for a GBC or upcycle cookie (depending on my box situation) or 1:1 for a buyable wish, dyepot, training, or faerie quest cookie.

Of course, I'd also trade these items 1:1 for 1-2 value items from my own WL if I have any, or multiple from below towards higher valued wishes/populars!

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Items kaylawuvsnc wants

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01 - High Priority

Items from this list are my most wanted items. I may even be willing to open up my closet for some of them! (I'll state that on a board or to you directly if that is the case!) I'm seeking these items right now!

88 = not currently seeking / on hold

This list is empty.

02 - Medium Priority

I'm actively seeking these items, but will not offer closet items for them... and probably won't offer customs for them. Feel free to make any other trade offers though. :D

This list is empty.

03 - Buyables (Low Priority)

These may be added to a trade if need be. Also willing to trade items from my 2:1 list 1:1 for these items.

Otherwise, this list is mostly for my own purposes!

This list is empty.
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