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Before You Mail

This list is currently under construction & in desperate need of updating. Feel free to mail me with trade inquiries, but just be warned I may have already traded something away and haven't gotten to removing it yet

Hello, here you'll find all the items I currently have to trade as well as my wishlist below. Before mailing me for potential trades please consider the following couple points (it'll save us both some time)

• If it is not on my Wishlist I do not want it.
I've got more junk collected up than I'll ever need and I'm trying to simplify my closet. So I'm only looking for the handful of things listed below at the moment. The only exception to this rule are GBCs, as like most people I am always looking for those.

• If its not on my Tradelist I am not offering it.
I've revamped this list one final time so everything that I'm currently willing to trade is visible. Also I cannot offer customs under any circumstance so what you see here is really all there is.

Now that that's out of the way, if you do see anything here feel free to drop me a mail. I'm online at least a couple hours daily (usually in the late evenings ~midnight NST) and assuming Neo doesn't eat it, I'll always reply even if its just a simple no thank you.

Thanks for Looking~

Current Box Count: 2
GBCs available: 1

This list is empty.

Highlights & Newer Things

New sparkly things and prettier (imo) older items. I'm not picky with any of this at all, I just wanted to separate it from the rest of the lot.

This list is empty.

Short and Simple Tradelist

Things that I didn't want to throw in the Junk Sale. Mostly spares of nicer items I don't need or items I can't find a use for that I'm tired of holding onto.

Most of this stuff can go for a single GBC.

This list is empty.

This is all Junk (2:1 Sale)

A mix of buyables and event junk I just want gone. Just give me the boxes to move it and its yours. Will also trade this stuff away 1:1 for FQCs/Dyepots, boxes permitting.

Numbers here are Quantity available, not Values

This list is empty.

Items KurabellesCloset wants

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Currently Seeking

Retiring buyables I'd love to have, things needed for side accounts, new things I have plans for, and things I need to replace soon are what you'll find here.

This stuff is priority.

This list is empty.

If I Get It, I Get It

Stuff I'd like spares of, items I'd like to replace eventually, and things I'd love to add to my closet someday. I'm not actively searching for this stuff atm, but I'll still take them if you have them to offer.

For High Value/Hard-to-Find items listed here, ask to see my hidden lists of similarly valued items.

This list is empty.
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