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0. Gifts

Many thanks and love! Never ever UFT.

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0.1 info

Psst, read me, please!

  • I use a couple of value guides and tend to value my items based on averages.
  • If it's listed, I'm willing to trade.
  • Items marked with a 8 are on boxless accounts. These items need a GBC in the trade.
  • Items marked with a 9 are HTPW. I prefer to trade HTPW items for priority wearable wishes.

10th January 2017

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[UFT] 2:1

The usual suspects: mostly buyables, yay!

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1. Priority Seeking

2. Casually Seeking

Vague future customisations and the like.
Not really looking for these right now, but I'll be happy to consider any trade offers.

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