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0. Information

Updated 11/11/17

Hello there! Feel free to mail me if you see anything on my TL that you are interested in, I love browsing TLs so even if you don't have any of my wishes, I'm happy to look through your list to see if I can find anything interesting :) Hope you enjoy browsing, and I will ALWAYS respond to NMs, even if I'm not interested in the trade. If you think I missed your mail feel free to send me a reminder, but now that I'm in school I do occasionally go a few days without logging in, so if I still don't respond after a reminder, I probably just haven't been on to see your mail yet.

I do NOT mind getting trade requests, but if you reach out to me & I respond with a "yes" or an offer, and then YOU do not respond to me, you will be blocked. I have no interest in trading with people who do not have the common courtesy to say "NTY" or "I've found another trade", especially if you initiated. I find that incredibly rude. Just FYI :-)

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1. Dyeworks originals

These are not UFT at this time. I changed this list to "public" instead of "trading" so that I'm not giving false hope to those that are seeking these. Will lend 2:1 for GBCs or 1:1 for a dyepot or other small wish, if I have the boxes for it. Feel free to send me a mail if seeking a lend!

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1. Dyeworks RRs

This list is empty.

2. Highlights (HTPW)

This list is typically visible, but items here are in general more HTPW than my regular trade list, and are only UFT for my wishes. I will NOT trade these items for GBCs, sorry in advance

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4. Regular UFT

I realize there are some buyables here that I have not included in my 2:1, this is because I actually like these items, so I don't want to just get rid of them :)

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5. SALE! (2:1)

2:1 sale, can be up to 3:1 if the GBC gives extra boxes

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Larger Highlights for Big Wishes Only

Side 2, sides_are_fun

Items marked "55" are especially HTPW

This list is empty.


I haven't sorted these, none should be closet/vhtpw, most are highlights or regular or somewhere in between

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Items bently_and_mira wants

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0. Big wishes

1. High priority wishes

Closet is currently closed for these items, I will offer GBCs for them though (as long as I have them :P) Numbers are for my own reference, they indicate which account I want the item for & are not indicative of quantity/value

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5. Casually seeking

Things I'd like eventually but am in no rush for. Many of these I know will be hard to find, so while I would LOVE to trade for them, I'm just not actively seeking them. Ask about GBCs for these. No guarantees, but especially if they are currently available I am usually flexible. Items marked "21" I am hoping to find in a 2:1 sale.

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6. Trade Pending (or potentials)

Any items that I have pre-trades set up for or have had people mail about that I am waiting on confirmation for.

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