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Open to Trades

I'm currently looking pretty much exclusively for my high priority list.

Neomail: jonanners

I can usually offer a custom. I don't always agree with ~Waka (for instance I'm attached to anything that came from a Key Quest token)

This list is empty.

01. Closet

These items are sometimes UFT for higher value items. I wouldn't trade any of these for GBC.

This list is empty.

02. UFT BGs

Some items are more HTPW than others, I'm sorry if I turn down a fair offer.

If you have something on my WL, I can usually offer GBCs/cookies/game packs if I don't have any items you're interested in. :)

This list is empty.

06. UFT Foregrounds and Trinkets

This list is empty.

07. Closets/Items Side Accts

Closets on my boxless sides grindelwald and imperius

11 - Very Not UFT

This list is empty.
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