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A moment of your time

Boxes: Trudy's Surprise

Customs Available: 0 NC

GBCs Available: Recount needed. Please standby

Update 10/10 Seeking priority Halloween wishes!

For added convenience, I've moved my UFT list to the top of this page. I hope this solves any problems regarding what is currently uft and what's not. ;) Be sure to read each list's description before offering!

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Absolutely UFT [Highlights]

Items either popular or valued 3+ caps

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Baby Closet


Gifts that I will treasure always. :D A big thank you to all my amazing gifters!

Gifts are not uft

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Items Cia wants

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I need a replacement

Things I've traded that I'd like to replace

Not actively seeking

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I have pretrades reserved for these items.

Not seeking the following

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Priorities priorities

My most desired wishes

Actively seeking items marked 99

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Dress to Impress
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