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2. Dyeworks Lending

I can lend any of these for 1GBC or Wishes

This list is empty.

3.1 Clothes UFT

This list is empty.

3.5 Misc. Trinkets UFT

This list is empty.


These are items that are mostly used by the season. Most of them are NFT, but you can always ask :)

This list is empty.

Closet - Probably Not For Trade

These items are my favourites and are used frequently. Some of them are part of permanent customs, others are gifts, and some of them I just really love <3

Please do not be offended if I turn down a fair offer on these, they are VVHTPW.

This list is empty.

Never for Trade, Sorry :(

These items will never, ever, ever, be up for trade. They are my absolute favourites.

This list is empty.

(Not in a list)

There aren't any items here.

Items angelor_deviludecide wants

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Priority Wishes

Offering trade items listed on this page and/or Gbc/Custom

This list is empty.

Regular Wishes

A lot of these are just items I think are pretty, but I don't really have a custom in mind.

Casually Seeking. Offering TL/Highlights for these items, probably not any GBC/Custom sorry!

This list is empty.
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