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0. Hello ~

Below are the things I have UFT!

Almost anything here will be up for trade if you can offer these cakes for them:

8th Birthday Sparkler Cupcake

7th Birthday Cake Slice #1

Otherwise, only looking for items from my WLs; but always open to trade items for GBCs (excluding the HTPW items)!

Feel free to mail me with any trade requests + questions :) nts: /~korolie & /~saphronn

Last Updated: 8/23/17

This list is empty.

01. HTPW

I am extra picky with items in this list; they are most likely being saved to trade for future, high value items (or saved for future customs for myself).

You are more than welcome to offer on items in this list, but just remember I might turn down a perfectly fair offer ;~; Thank you!

[I am more willing to trade doubles from this list though ♥!]

This list is empty.

02. Higher Cap Items

Everything here is valued at ~2+ using values from /~korolie!

This list is empty.

03. Low Cap Items

Everything here is valued ~1-2; ideally looking for GBCs but open to causal trades as well! ♥

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2. Random Items I Wouldn't Mind Owning

These are all crazy items I never plan on owning, but would just love to - purely for narcissistic reasons ♥

Items marked 10 are ones I have some plans for!

This list is empty.
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