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0.1 - Welcome!

Hi hello! I'm Sliced_Ramen, and I like customizing and modeling (#4 on DTI's Top Modelers in fact)!

Last updated: Apr 2020

Boxes available: Stagnant

I'm basically retired from NC Trading, but I'll still trade here and there.

Check out my Modeling Guide at /~Draconianism while you're here! c:

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0.2 Lending

I can lend two items for 1 GBC or one item for a GBC/Cookie/Small Custom.

None of the items here are UFT unless listed elsewhere.

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0.4 - General For Trade

Most of the time, I use ~Waka as an NC guide.

Non-Wearables UFT:

  • Mystical Magic Dust x3 (2-3 each)

  • Retired MME Mystery Capsule (~3-5)

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0.5 - 2:1 Items

Non-Wearables UFT:

  • Lukewarm Left-Over Pizza

  • Money Tree Cupcake

  • Really Ripe Banana

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0.6 - HTPW / Closet

These are items that might be hard for me to part with, but never hurts to ask! This list is set on public.

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Items Sliced_Ramen wants

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1.1 - High Priority

I have reached that point of NC Trading where I am only really looking for GBCs and Custom.

Although still feel free to send me your TL! B]

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1.2 - Not Priority

Probably for DTI/JN modeling, replacing, or because they looked pretty.

21 = Ideally Found In A 2:1 GBC Sale

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1.4 - Never Going To Obtain Ever

Dress to Impress
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