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0. Trade With Me!

My name is Squibz, and this is my stuff. I'm not heavily into trading anymore, but I don't mind receiving mails for trades, so please don't feel shy! I'm on Neo on-and-off (check to see when I was last online before mailing), but I will try to respond to all mails I get, even to decline an offer, I promise! Now, let's trade some pretties!

GBCs: 14 | Boxes: 41 | Custom: 15 NC

FQ Cookies: 4 | Dyeworks Potions: 1

Last updated: 4 August 2020

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1. HTPW / Highlights

Some of my nicer, slightly harder-to-come-by items. Generally seeking GBCs, dyepots, and wishes for this stuff.

'100' means this item is harder to part with, though still up for trade for my higher-priority wishes in general. Other numbers indicate quantity.

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2. Regular Tradelist (5:1)

One man's junk is another man's treasure, right? Happy to discount these for GBCs (5:1 game, where you get up to 5 items depending how many boxes your GBC gives), dyepots, small wishes... whatever, just take 'em!

Numbers here indicate quantity. Some items are located on my side account, but they can most likely be included in a 5:1 game.

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3. Closet

These are used in my pets' seasonal outfits and are very hard to part with, the possible exception being for items on my dreams wishlist. I will be especially picky with this stuff, but that's because I'm using it!

Items marked '100' are the items I'm most attached to--VHTPW!

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4. Pending Trades

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Items Squibbie wants

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1. Dream Wishes

My dearly coveted wishes. You will make me one happy neocamper (? lol) if you have these up for trade. Can offer pure GBCs and/or any of my items towards these.

The numbers here are high-end cap values for my reference, according to /~Waka.

This list is empty.

2. Priority Wishes

These are items I hope to put to use in specific, already-designed customizations.

The numbers here are approximate cap values, according to /~Waka, for my own reference when offering.

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5. Pending Trades

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