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0. Welcome to my Trade List!

I follow /~waka and /~Priscilla for values
but on the odd occasion there are values that I don't agree with.

So I am sorry if I pass on what seems like a fair trade!

box count: ?
(I may reject fair offers if I am not comfortable with my current box count.)

This list is empty.

1. Hard to Part

It's very unlikely I will trade these items unless I'm offering them
and I will be very picky with some of them as they are from my closet.

I will probably only trade them for/towards Maraquan Light Blue Dress.
They will not be UFT for custom/gbcs - unless I'm offering them.

15.2.20: Traded for Maraquan Light Blue Dress


This list is empty.

2. Nicer Stuff UFT

I like these items a lot more than others so I won't trade them casually

and I might be pickier with some of them.

I will only trade them for some of my wishes.
They will not be UFT for custom/gbcs - unless I'm offering them.


This list is empty.

3. Main UFT

The items on this list are easy for me to part with.
There may be the odd item that isn't but it's very unlikely.

I will usually accept gbcs for the items here
but if I don't currently need gbcs then I might not.

buyables/goodie bags/stuff:

This list is empty.

Items Cherryade wants

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1. Need for Customs

This list is empty.

Casually Seeking

I like the items here but I'm not in any rush to get them
so I may turn down fair offers


This list is empty.
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