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a. Welcome to my Trade List

Last updated: September 2020

thank you c:

I will always respond to mails so feel free to mail
me again if 24 hours has passed and I haven't responded
I would also really appreciate it if you let me know if you find
another trade while waiting for me to respond

I follow the current guides for values but
on the very odd occasion there are values on those guides that I don't agree with so
I am sorry if I pass on what may seem like a fair trade

I may reject fair offers if I am not comfortable with the trade or my box count
unless I have a board up and state otherwise I am not seeking GBCs or customs for anything on my TL

Please do not mail me asking me to check your trade list
The only items I am currently seeking are on my Wishlist
I am currently not looking for casual trades for items I don't want or need
and I do not have unlimited boxes

My Closet list is only UFT for stated items and I am not seeking anything else for these
If currently I am not offering from my closet this list will not be visible

the numbers on items are for my ref.

This list is empty.

c. Backgrounds

This list is empty.

d. Foregrounds, Background Items & Trinkets

This list is empty.

e. Hats & Wigs

This list is empty.

f. Clothing