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1. Not rules-Not demands-just neat stuff you should know

Updated 7/8/2016. I thought it best to point this out so you dont have to deal with that annoying captcha mess on my profile to see if I am still active. I am NOT currently active. My account is frozen. Im not sure why, Im waiting to hear back from TNT about it. In the meantime if you miss me you can contact my side account: nikovia

Non-wearables here:

I will always respond to neomails-so dont be afraid to message me the worst I can do is say no.
If there is an item in this list-its being held for someone

My spirit animal is a catfish :D

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2. Dyeworks for lend

I will lend for 2:1 GBC, 1:1 for a dye potion or small wishlist item if boxes allow. I am cautious about lending my Novas-sorry! These items are not UFT unless they are in another section as well. Make sure you have enough boxes to send the GBC and return my item before asking to be lent.

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A. Highlights/HTPW

Items with a 99 are VVVHTPW-unless its for high priority wishlist items. Then they are easy to part with. So easy. SO very very very easy to part with. Please dont be afraid to offer, the worst I can do is say no ^_^

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C. Stuff from sides UFT

D. Regular UFT

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Items tripexprin wants

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1. Highest Priority

C. Seeking in 2:1 sales

F. I think I need to want this, maybe?

Im not actively after these, I have no plans for these-I just think they are pretty. I have not checked values on most of these either. If you need to add value for another item Id accept from here most likely-but this list is a crapshoot of if I will accept or not items.

This list is empty.
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