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Hi, Welcome to My DTI Tradelist. Feel Free to Browse Around Neomail Me if there's anything that catches your Attention

GBC's = 12

Gift Boxes = 5

Updated 10/4/2019

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A. Dyeworks Items

This List contains items I own pertaining to Dyeworks

I can lend Original Items for 1 GBC.

List of Dye works and quantity Above ;)

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B. Dye Items : Tradelist

NC Tradelist

These items are up for trade

Feel Free to contact me if you're interested in trading, Always looking for GBC's, Cookies, or my wishes.

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Items iii_hechizero_iii wants

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A. Highest Priority

These Items are my Highest Priority, Either need them for a pet customization Or I really want these items in my possession...

Can Offer GBC's, FQC, Customs, Or Items from my NC Gallery Tradelist

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