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*welcome to my tradelist!*

Last updated: April 2019
(And even if I'm gone for a while, I always come back eventually!)

Non wearable items for trade: here
I usually have a spare FQC/Upcycle/Lab cookie, and can almost always offer custom if you'd rather!

111 means I haven't seen an official value listed yet.
My items are organized by their listed cap worth because it's easier for me than numbering them all individually like I do my highlights. But I'm usually willing to do 2:1 on the ~1 and sometimes ~1-2 sections as well!

This list is empty.

b) closet i might part with

stuff i'm not using yet/could replace
anything i'm actually using in permanent outfits for my pets is hidden, so don't be afraid to offer! if there's something in this list and another list, it just means i have multiples and will be more willing to let go of the extras =)

This list is empty.

c) ~1-2

This list is empty.

d) ~1

This list is empty.

e) 2:1

Items jeankirschtein wants

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a) higher priority

f) i will probably never own these.... and yet

if you would take full or partial custom for any of these, or some combination of my items, please message me!!! i could offer my hidden closet as well =)

This list is empty.
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