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0. Preword

+++++IMPORTANT: none of the items on any of my lists are indicative of worth, just how willing I am to trade them over for Caps/Cookies/wishes. +++++

Items marked 98 are my sister's (apologies if there are errors)

For worth, please use ~waka and now ~valentine as a guide. However, most HTPW items are probably worth more to me as I either use them very often or I am very attached to them, so don't be offended if I turn down a good offer. Depending on the item, I am also open to multiples for one item and I am happy to offer customs for WL items.

I will do my best to reply to every query (I have accidentally deleted unread mails before, so apologies in advance if I don't reply, and don't hesitate to send twice), though it may take a while, I will definitely reply even if it's a rejection.


CAPS:Will accept any kind ~~ COOKIES:FQ cookie and NC archive cookie only

NOTE: I am currently rather content with what I have, so I will be a bit picky with items.

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0. Z-Dyeworks for lend

Will accept caps and small WL item if I have enough boxes. But currently only caps. Can do 2 for 1 for caps. Will also accept 1:1 lend swaps for temporary items I don't have.

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1. Can accept caps for these

WL is always preferred but when I am low on boxes, these are ok to trade for caps. Some items here are also ok 2:1 for boxes or cookies, ones marked 21 are for sure ok for 2:1, I have not been through my list for a while so if there are errors, apologies in advance.

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Items Parth wants

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I'd like but are expensive/hard to find

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~~Low priority~~

I like these but most likely will never use them, nevertheless, they bring forth my desire to hoard...

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