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- Hello! -

Hi there! I'm Luna (carrotcakie) :) I am active and try my best to reply to all mails.
However, I do tend to only trade for my wishes as most of my pets have fixed customs,
But I'm willing to look through TLs, trade for GBCs (for some of my items), FQCs, etc!!

Numbers are probably just Waka values for reference.
Thanks for looking & have a wonderful day. :D

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A. Highlights UFT

Anything at 2-3 caps or over basically, sometimes along with newly released items!
Some are HTPW and some are not, but just ask! I'm not difficult, I promise. :)

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B. Pretty stuff UFT

These are random pretty items that aren't worth too much but still cute (imo).
I don't usually trade for non-wishes but for these items I'm more open to casual trades!

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C. Random stuff UFT

More common or less sought out items.
Willing to do 2:1 on most of 'em, just ask!

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Items carrotcakie wants

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1. Priority wishlist

Items I'm currently actively seeking to trade for!
Willing to part with my highlights easily if they're around the same value.

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2. Casual wishlist

Items for already completed customs just to switch stuff around~

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3. Super casual wishlist

Just things I don't really have plans for but... I like anyway.
Or possibly things to gift my friends!! :D Orrrrr just NP reminders.

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