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- Hello! -

Hi there! I'm Luna (carrotcakie) :) I am active and try my best to reply to all mails.
However, I do tend to only trade for my wishes as most of my pets have fixed customs,
But I'm willing to look through TLs, trade for GBCs (for some of my items), FQCs, etc!!

Numbers don't mean anything other than:
Quantity or cap value from Waka for reference!

Have a wonderful day. :D

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These are items I occasionally use, but not as dear as my closet. A bit htpw despite value.
OR, they may be new items that I'm taking a bit longer to decide if I wanna keep or not!
Feel free to offer but please don't take it personally if I reject fair offers, it's not you it's me :)

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C. Pretty stuff UFT

These are generally more popular than the rest UFT (I think)!
I also have GBCs & customs available, if preferred c:

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D. Everything else UFT

More common or less sought out items.
Willing to do 2:1 on some so just ask! :)

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Items carrotcakie wants

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2. Casual wishlist

Items for already completed customs just to switch stuff around :D

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3. Verrrry casual wishlist

Just things I don't really have plans for but.. I like anyway. :)

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