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1. Hello!

Hi, I'm Roxana :~)

My closet is always private because I don't always have wishes that I'm willing to part with certain things for. That being said, if you're seeking something in particular & have a wish of mine that is marked 99, please don't hesitate to ask if I have it tucked away! i use /~korolie and my own trading experience / value boards when I disagree with value guides. I am always seeking GBCs

p.s. it's common courtesy to respond to mails, even if it's to turn a trade down :~)

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These are things I use often & are subsequently htpw. Most often UFT for priorities, but I don't always have wishes that I'm willing to part with these for ^_^ i'm not seeking gbcs, casual wishes, or custom for these at all~

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4. 2:1

Everything in this list is 2:1 GBC or 1:1 FQC / Upcycle

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5. Regular UFT

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actively seeking / priority

Please mail me your wishes for items marked 99 :) I have lots of unlisted items that I will part with for these!

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