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Please read

If you have any of my wishes please mail me.

I am not seeking GBCs or Custom for sections 1 and 2

My 2:1 is always open

I am only seeking my wishes. I will only look at tradelists to balance out a trade or if you want something from section 4.

I use ~waka and ~Priscilla for values. Some items I may value higher than the guides.

This list is empty.

3 - UFT for wishes/GBCs/Custom

This list is UFT for my wishes, GBCs and/or custom.

This list is empty.

4 - 2:1

Everything in this section 2:1 GBC or At ~1 for a small wish/custom

I am happy to look at TLs if you want something from this section, but don't have my wishes or GBCs

Money Tree Cupcake x2

Zesty Cinnamon Roll

Holiday Ornamental Wreath (neohome)

Money tree Capsule

This list is empty.
Dress to Impress
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