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- Note -

Last Updated: March 2020

I try to respond to all neomails within 48 hours. If I haven't responded to you beyond this time frame, please send me another neomail! Also, please note that for some items I may not be seeking pure GBCs or custom - Items are just grouped by value for convenience.

I'm always seeking 8th Birthday Sparkler Cupcakes, NC Archives Fortune Cookies & NC Upcycle Fortune Cookies as long as I have boxes available.

> At this time I'm primarily seeking Shamrocks of the Night Gift Box Mystery Capsules! <

This list is empty.

- Seasonal Dyeworks -

Lending the following seasonal dyeworks originals 1:1 Dyeworks Hue Brew Potion / small wish or 2:1 GBC.

> Seasonal dyeworks retire: April 26, 2020! <

This list is empty.

- The 2:1 Sale! -

These items are 2:1 for Shamrocks of the Night Gift Box Mystery Capsules, Scenic Spring Retired Mystery Capsules & Archive Cookies only!

This list is empty.


This list is empty.

2 GBCs

This list is empty.

3+ GBCs

Quantity = How I value the item
If there's no number, that means I'm not sure what the value is, but feel free to offer.

Please note that for some items I'm not seeking pure GBCs/Custom!

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Items meilin wants

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> Priority Wishlist <

I can normally offer GBCs & Custom for all of my wishes.
For Priority Wishes please feel free to neomail me as I'm also willing to dig into my closet for these wishes!

8 = for my side meilin
10 = pending trade

> I'm always seeking GBCs, Archive Cookies and Sparkler Cupcakes! <

This list is empty.
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