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1. Jax's NC Stuff

Hi there, welcome to my NC Trade list!

I have a WL on JN also:

  • PLEASE note that not all items in my character's wishlist I will accept at that moment you offer, some are in the list just to keep track of what I need for their custom

  • I use ~Waka as my cap value guide
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3. UFT

  • number is the amount i have
  • 99 means HTPW


Featured Game Ticket

Money Tree Cupcake

10th Birthday Black & White Cupcake

Neopets 19th Birthday Celebration Goodie Bag

Floating in Love Valentine Goodie Bag x2

9th Birthday Confetti Cupcake

9th Birthday Candy Cupcake

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Items alienaisha wants

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Obtained: Escaped from the Lab BG, DW Blue: Magical Golden Markings, Alien Aisha Spacesuit, DW Blue: Isca Wig

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Seeking (NC): Dream Cloud Pirate Parasol: ~1-2 caps, Frilly Pantaloons: ~1-2 caps, MiniMME12-B: Maractite Shoulder Armour: ~2 caps

Obtained: Maractite Aisha Custom, MiniMME12-S2: Ornate Maractite Trident, Dream Pirate Tricorne Hat, Little Babaa Shepherdess Shoes

This list is empty.


Seeking (NC): Black Flowering Vines FG: 1-2 caps, Dark Thieving Jacket: 3-4 caps, Hanging Bats Trinket: 2-3 caps

Obtained: Dyeworks Black: Philosophers Wig, Gothic School Girl Tights and Boots, Black Bat Attack, Deluxe Dark Faerie Wings, Lost in Dark Hearts Background, Batty Beauty Mark

This list is empty.


Seeking (NC): Gothic Inspired Makeup: ~ 3-5 caps, Gothic Bone Chest Piece: ~ 1-2 caps, Darkest Faerie Tights and Boots: ~ 1-2 caps, The Three Collectors Cloak: ~ 10-15 caps, Wings of Darkness: ~ 1-2 caps, MME18-S2a: Gothic Branches Garland: ~ 3-5 caps, Dark Rolling Clouds: ~ 1-2 caps, Dyeworks Purple: A Rolling Fog: ~ 3-5 caps, Creeping Purple Fog: ~ 1-2 caps, oy Scythe of Dread: ~ 2-3 caps

Obtained: Gothic Korbat Nail Varnish

This list is empty.


Seeking (NC):

Swirling Vortex: 1-2 caps, Black Utility Trousers: 1 cap (buyable), Cursed Pendant Necklace: 1-2 caps, Lace Pirate Eye Patch: 2 caps

Obtained: Grey Dreadlocks, Island Mystic Bone Stud, Tough Eyrie Gloves, Tough Eyrie Boots, Rocking Eyrie Bass, Spiffy Black Leather Jacket, Fallen Heroes Tombstones FG

This list is empty.


Seeking (NC): Silver and Blue Facepaint: 2-3 caps, Dyeworks Yellow: Seashell Throne: 1-2 caps, Island of Buried Treasure BG: 4-6 caps

This list is empty.


Seeking: Mutant Spiked Collar: ~ 8-10 caps, Valentine Mutant Dress: ~ 2-3 caps, Mutant Elegant Burgundy Wig: ~ 2-3 caps, Dark Enchanted Forest Background:~ 3-4 caps, caps, Violet Eye Roses: ~ 1-2 caps, DW Pink: Mutant Blue Glowing Contacts: ~ 4 caps, Field of Glowing Flowers (NP)

obtained: Dark Eyes Garland

This list is empty.


Seeking: Basic Beanie and Mint Green Wig: ~ 1-2 caps, Fang-Tastic Background: 1-2 caps, Fang-Tastic Tombstones: ~ 1-2 caps, Spellcasters Hands:~ 2-4 caps, Black Stylish Peacoat: 1-2 caps, Black Winter Boots: ~1-2 caps, DJ Skellington Shirt: ~ 2 caps

Obtained: Dark Vine Makeup, Ghost Aisha Collar, Spectral Spyderweb String Lights, DW Red:MiniMME4-S2: Cloud of Ghostly Orbs, Gnarled Tree of Barbats, Black Utility Trousers

This list is empty.


Seeking (NC): Sloths Future Fashion Shirt: ~1-2 caps, Galaxies Beyond Background: ~1-2 caps, Floating Space Ship: ~1-2 caps

Obtained: Illusen Wig, Pirate Aisha Eye Patch, Alien Shoes, My Mechanical Buddy T-3000

This list is empty.


Seeking (NC): Basic Red Gloves (buyable), Views from Space Station #4: ~3 caps, Pest Be Gone Robotic Petpetpets: ~1-2 caps, Giant Laser Garland: ?? caps (guessing 1-2 caps), Gauntlet of Lasers FG: ?? caps

Obtained: Silver Velvet Boots, Robot Aisha parts, Assistant Scientist Jacket

This list is empty.


Seeking: Abstract Print Summer Scarf: 1-2 caps, Harvest Frame: 2-3 caps, Playful Scarecrow Makeup: 20-25 caps, Sophies Collectors Lantern Staff: 5-7 caps Received:

Premium Collectible: Wheat Field FG, Fall Mountaintop BG

This list is empty.


Seeking (NC): Green X-Ray Goggles: ~1-2 caps, Bubbling Beaker: ~3-4 caps (maybe?), Kell Collectors Wig: ?? caps (i value it at 2 possibly?), Basic Orange Gloves: ~3 caps, Basic Black Lace-Up Shoes (buyable)

Obtained: Fancy Lab Coat, Transmogrification Lab Background, White Top Chop Trousers

This list is empty.


Suave Hair: ~1 cap, Darigan Dodgeball Plastic Mace: ?? caps, Tough Guy Jacket: ~1-2 caps, Black Leather Pants with Weapons Belt: ~1-2 caps, Paranormal Forest Background: ~1-2, Dark Faerie Magic Effect: ~1 (buyable), Surrounded by Wraiths: ~1-2 caps

Obtained: Spiked Boots

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