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Cute stuff uft

Seeking Priority Items for these.

Mail me to see what I'm looking for currently or look below for items marked 5 and 99. Items marked 99 in this uft section are only uft for items marked similarly in my Wishlist section.

Dyeworks Brown: Jail of Hearts is only uft for Dyeworks Purple: Jail of Hearts

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Up For Trade

Will trade for gbc/dyepot/fqc as well as items.

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Items Seven wants

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My Wishlist - Some items are higher priority than others.

If you have my wishes, but don't see anything you're interested in, please feel free to mail me your wishlist. My closet is hidden (and huge) but I may be interested in trading items from there for items which are marked 99. Items marked 7 are ones I am seeking RIGHT NOW! (:

I am also always seeking custom and will do lowest value for on many items in my general uft list, so feel free to mail offers.

This list is empty.
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