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** 2:1 GBC

I keep my 2:1 on a seperate account. Click above to check it out! This list is empty.

1) new & non wearables

PLEASE NOTE: I live in Ireland which is NST +8 Obviously, if you mail me but then find another trade in the mean time that's perfectly fine ^-^ These lists are not what is in my closet, so if you have a priority wish of mine please feel free to pop me a neomail with your wishlist & I will check it out. Thanks!

I usually have GBCs & FQCs

To see which Neohome items, goodie bags, cupcakes, neocash food and retired game tickets etc I have uft please visit
New items: This list is empty.

2) UFT

I use /~waka & my own value

Numbers are for my own reference

This list is empty.

Items luzila wants

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1a) For side pets

3) Seasonal Wishes

Items that I would like for seasonal customisations but I'm not desperate to own. Interested in trading for these but may not offer from htpw list for everything here. Try though, I'm a fair trader

This list is empty.

Trade pending

This list is empty.
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