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1. Welcome

updated 9/9/2019

I have deleted or upcycled a lot of my 2:1 items and will continue to do so to reduce the amount of things that I never use. If you have one of my wishes let me know- I have a hidden closet of over 700 items that I can dig through. My closet is hidden unless I am offering it for something !

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4. 2:1 list

Please ask before you request items from this list,if I am low on boxes I will not do 2:1. I will only trade 2:1 gbc or 2:1 archive cookie.

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Items Kazsia wants

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1. High Priority

Things I'm actively seeking.

I have a hidden closet containing 729 items so if you have one of these items please let me know your wishes !

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2.Buyable wishes

buyable items that I will NOT offer items marked 99 for. I am not going to trade something hard to find for items that are easily buyable.

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3.Low Priority Pretties

I can live without these things,I don't want to but I can....I think

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