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1. Welcome

This is my little list of the crazy amounts of nc items I have collected. I work full time(essential worker) and have 3 kids at home so my replies might be delayed. If you mail me please include what you want and where to send to save some time !

This list is empty.

2.Nicer things and New things !

Items worth more than just 2:1 . ANYTHING MARKED 99 IS NOT UFT FOR CUSTOMS/GBC Any numbers other than 99 are quantity NOT VALUE.

This list is empty.

3. The 2 for 1 Stuff

As of 4/4/20 I am no longer seeking fqc.

Items I am willing trade 2 for 1 gbc/archive OR 1:1 gbc. This list depends on my box count also- If I am low on boxes I will not do 2:1 !

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Items Kazsia wants

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1. High Priority

Things I'm actively seeking.

This list is empty.

2.Medium Priority

Items I want but am in no hurry to get. Will always trade for these items if you have them !

This list is empty.

3.Low Priority Pretties

I can live without these things, but if I can find a trade for them I would gladly accept as long as it doesn't wipe out my entire closet !

This list is empty.
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