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Items Friday owns

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*2:1 GBC / FQC / Dye Pot

Mail all trades to _grim_reaper. I reply within a day! owo
All items are UFT for GBCs or items from wishlists below.

Last updated: this week, 2017.

Also UFT in this section:
Festive Berry Pie

This list is empty.

3 GBCs

This list is empty.

Items Friday wants

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High Priority

Let's trade now. Offering TL and GBCs.

Current GBC count: 0. :c

Also seeking:

This list is empty.

Priority: Low

Because I currently have no GBCs, I'm only offering TL sections "1 GBC" & under for this section.
(Unless of course the specific item's value exceeds that)

Also seeking:
FQCs, Dye pots

This list is empty.

Scuse me while I drool / Ultra Wishlist

Just a couple of dream customisations for my pets, which I can't afford currently unless
you're willing to trade for like 12 of my items or the VHTPW, which would be amazing! owo

This list is empty.
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