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Lending for potion, new DW extras - GBCs

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Better, nicer, recent, preferable, like a little more, no rhyme or reason

If you can see this it's UFT for whatever I happen to be seeking at the moment.

I HAVE ALSO: 2x 10th Birthday Royalty candles, 1x bejewelled retired mc and 1x summer sunset mc UFT at 1 GBC each.

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Here we have all my stuff, it is organized by My UFT which you can see and My HTPW which you can't see (unless I'm offering it for something).

I don't have the patience to organize by worth, color, season and mood. I follow the guides as far as value goes. I'm friendly so don't be afraid to NM with an offer.

I just ask that you be polite, my feelings bruise easily.

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