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01. Welcome!

NC Guides:
/~korolie, /~rinsey, /~trajiq,
/~clara (/~rosie), /~saphronn, /~lyl

Current Count
GBCs: 131 Boxes: 27

Non-wearable Items:
New Year 2016 Celebration Mystery Capsule (x5)
Retired Winter Greens Mystery Capsule (x5)
Ruby Red Sweetheart Gram (x4) - No LE
Little Hearts Sweatheart Gram (x2) - No LE
Retired Blooming Spring Mystery Capsule (x3)

Updated: 11/23/17

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02. Casual NC Wishlist

This list is super duper casual. I don't have any plans for these currently. I just like how they look.

This list is empty.

03. I love Backgrounds

I don't necessarily have any plans for these, so please don't be offended if I reject an offer on any of them. I just have a background addiction.

This list is empty.

04. For my Snowglobe Gallery

Dress to Impress
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