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Hi all ~

Thank you for taking the time to check out my TL/WL!

I currently have my DTI organized by item type & all the numbers on my items indicate quantity. I like to keep things simple and as friendly as possible.

With that being said, please don't hesitate to neomail me with any trading offers & questions -- I don't bite and am usually more than willing to try and work something out! :)

Also, if you've NM'ed me and I didn't respond, shoot me another mail? Occasionally I'll accidentally delete mails or forget to respond to messages, so I may need a reminder!

Last Updated: 04/05/2020

Note: If an item is on a side, it's now listed in each section. In the list below, you can now see which accounts I have GBCs/boxes on. If the account the item is on doesn't have any boxes, I may need to trade for GBCs, sorry!


Poppiany // GBC: 4, Giftbox: 11



Cookies // Faerie Quest Fortune Cookie (0), NC Archives Fortune Cookie (0)

Dyeworks // Dyeworks Potion (0)

Cupcakes // Money Tree Cupcake (1), 9th Birthday Flower Cupcake (1), 9th Birthday Confetti Cupcake (1), 9th Birthday Candy Cupcake (1)

Neggs // Classic Magical Negg (1), Earthy Magical Negg (1)

Grams // Ruby Red Sweetheart Gram (1)


This list is empty.

Accessories (NC)

Items on poppiani: Baby Flower Sunglasses (1), Baby Wooden Teether (1), Mutant Top Hat.

Items on poppianie: Baby Bandana Bib, Baby Wooden Teether (1), Bone Finger Necklace (2), Pretty Flower Headband, Black and Red Stripe Stockings and Shoes, Bone Necklace, Baby Flower Sunglasses (1), Gothic Bone Chest Piece, Heart Pendant Necklace.

Items on poppian: Baby Flower Sunglasses (1).

This list is empty.

Backgrounds (NC)

Items on poppiani: Escaped From the Lab (3).

Items on poppianie: Skeleton Moon.

Items on poppian: Fantastic Garden Birthday (1), Starry Glowstone Path (1), New Years in Neopia Central, Floating in Space, Hidden Library Corner.

This list is empty.

Clothing (NC)

Items on poppiani: Baby Anchor Trousers (1), Baby Floral Shirt (1), Emerald Taffeta Gown (1), Mutant Pink Ruffle Dress (2), Mutant Gothic Embroidered Shirt (3).

Items on poppianie: Grey Silk Dress, Baby Anchor Trousers (1), Mystical Bone Dress, Bone Tights (2), Boned Bustle Shirt, Rebel Spyder Vest, Baby Floral Shirt (2).

Items on poppian: Baby Floral Shirt (2), Emerald Taffeta Gown (1).

This list is empty.

Effects / Thought Bubbles (NC)

Items on poppianie: Dark Faerie Magic Effect.

This list is empty.

Foregrounds & Background Items (NC)

Items on poppiani: Large Candelabras (1), A Rolling Fog, Mutant Flower Foreground (3).

Items on poppian: Large Candelabras (1), Pirate Coral Reef.

This list is empty.

Music (NC)

This list is empty.

Items poppiany wants

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I'm always seeking my Priority Wishes but I may not always be interested in trading for my Regular Wishes.

A lot of my regular wishes are just items I find to be pretty and may use in customizations in the future...or just items I'd like to own because I think they're neat.

Please don't be offended if I turn down any trades for regular wishes, especially if I'm running low on GBCs! Thanks! :)

This list is empty.


Click here to see the end goal for my baby techo custom.

This list is empty.

Seeking Replacements & Duplicates:

Just a list of items I'm either looking to replace or wanting multiples of -- usually lowest of priority when it comes to wishes.

This list is empty.
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