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Hi there! :)

Please drop me a mail if you have anything on my wishlist you are willing to trade or interested in any of my items.

I am always looking for GBCs or RR caps, however prefer to trade for my wishes. If you don't have any of the above, just send me a link with your tradelist, I am always happy to browse :)

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C - 2:1 GBC sale

Two of these items for 1 GBC or upcycle cookie. I can also trade one of the items for 1 dyepot or faerie quest cookie.

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Side 2

Regular UFT on side accounts

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Items mirakusho wants

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A - Priority wishlist

Items I am actively seeking at the moment.

Those marked with 99 are my most wanted, please mail me if you are willing to trade one! :)

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C - Casual wishes (Very low priority)

Pretty items I would like to have in my closet sometime :) I am not actively seeking these at the moment.

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