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Hi there! :)

Please drop me a mail if you have anything on my wishlist you are willing to trade, or if you are interested in any of my items.

I am mostly after my priority wishes right now, also willing to trade some of my items for GBCs or dyepots, so ask away.

If you don't have any of the above, just send me a link with your tradelist, I am always happy to browse :)

Last updated: October 2019

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003 - Regular trade list

Looking for GBCs, dyepots (!!) or anything from my wishlist.

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2:1 sale: Unbuyables

I am open to trade 2 of these items for 1 GBC anytime! Also looking to trade for 1:1 dyepots or 1:1 item to item trades (seeking from my 2:1 wishlist).

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Closet (Not UFT)

Not UFT unless directly offered (my pets often wear these items / some of them have sentimental value and I am unlikely to trade them)

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B - Low priority wish list

This list is empty.
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