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A: Non-wearable items UFT (Capsules/ Food)


Custom: N/A


Weewoo sugar negg

Festive berry pie

Neopets 16th birthday celebration goodie bag

Flowery valentine goodie bag

Ps. The kadoatie is just here to look pretty (its not uft).

This list is empty.

B: Baby items

C: Cute stuff UFT

I will be pickier with items marked 99.

This list is empty.

D: Events/Holiday related items

This list is empty.

E: Other Items UFT

This list is empty.

HTPW/ Closet

I do value some items on this list higher than the guides values because I have traded for them at higher than guide values, so I will be the pickiest about these items.

Items marked 99 are VHTPW.

Currently NOT seeking GBCs or items valued at 1-2 for this list.

This list is empty.

Items Roseyflower wants

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C: Casually Seeking

Items I would like to get soon.

This list is empty.

D: Replacement/ Future WL

Items I would like to get one day. Not actively seeking these, but feel free to offer.

This list is empty.

E: Neopoint WL

Please NM me if you have these items uft, will pay pure for them.

This list is empty.
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