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Items Roseyflower owns

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A: Non-wearable items UFT (Capsules/ Food)

GBC: Available for my WL

Custom: N/A

Other Caps: Dyeworks retired mystery capsule x8

Retired altador cup mystery capsule x10


Weewoo sugar negg

Festive berry pie

Neopets 16th birthday celebration goodie bag

Flowery valentine goodie bag

Wonderclaw ten pack

Ps. The kadoatie is just here to look pretty (its not uft).

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E: Trade List

Seeking GBCs/ wishes/ cookies for these items

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Items Roseyflower wants

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A: Priority WL

Items marked "99" are my HIGHEST PRIORITY.

Also seeking GBCs!

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AA: All Dyeworks I am seeking

Items marked 99 are high priority.

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C: Casually Seeking

Items I would like to get soon.

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E: Neopoint WL

Please NM me if you have these items uft, will pay pure for them.

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