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* Welcome *

Hello and welcome to my DTI. :)

Just a few things to mention~

If you see any numbers, they refer to quantity (how many of that item I have), not value. :)

I am a busy mom of two little ones, and my husband who also plays Neo (tonythe2nd) is also busy working and helping me with the kids when he's home from work, so we are not always able to respond to neomails right away.

We WILL get back to you, just may take a little bit to do so! Feel free to message us again if you haven't heard back from us within a few days. Thank you for your understanding! :)

Lastly, we are friendly and love to meet new & kind people.. we love to trade and spend time on Neo when we can. Feel free to message us about trades or just to chat!

Thank you & have a wonderful day! :)

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** 2:1 GBC **

This section is all 2:1 GBC. Not attached to any of these items. :)

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*** 1-2 GBC ***

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