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- tradable closet -


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4) 1-2 caps

Also trading: Gift Box from NetDragon: Scorchio Party Pack

eta: not all of these items are going for 2:1!!!
i can do some items for 2:1 but or an fqc each if you don't have any gbcs and if i have spare boxes

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Items xsugarush wants

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items i still need for my gallery:

magical yellow yurble plushie (r99)
blue yurble grooming kit (r101)
altador cup aftermath background (r101)
inside the mind of a blue yurble (r101)
angry tax beast (tcg) (r107)
yurble raider (tcg) (r107)
ghost yurble (tcg) (r110)
tax beast ice lolly (unreleased)

nm me if you have any of these items for sale! ^__^

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