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1. Introduction

Updated: 1/16/18

Hello and thanks for looking! Please feel free to send me a neomail if you're interested in trading. I'm open to your offers and am on daily!

Unless otherwise stated, numbers indicate quantity.

My personal closet is hidden as none of the items are UFT unless I offer.

Unwearables UFT
Shenanigifts Invitation 1-Pack
(2) Bigsby Shadingtons Wonderclaw Widget 1-pack
Patapult Patapuff 1-Pack

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3. Dyeworks Lend

I will lend x2 items for 1 GBC or x1 item for 1 Dye Potion or Upcycle Fortune Cookie.

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5. 2:1/3:1 Sale

Trash, and I mean just trash. This will all be fodder for Upcycle Cookies, BUT! Just inquire if you're wanting any of these items. Depending on how many boxes I get from the GBC I can send 2+

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6. Closet (HTPW)

These aren't my favorite items but I liked them enough to get them. These would be available for the right offer from my WL items.

Currently offering my Dyeworks Black: Rich Golden Eye Makeup in exchange for Dyeworks Silver: Rich Golden Eye Makeup

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Items bootifulbriz wants

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3. Low Priority Wishlist

I casually desire these items. NP items are mainly a reminder for myself to get them sometime.

This list is empty.

Gaudy Rainbow Custom

For my newest Uni named 'rainb0wd00m'.

This list is empty.

Undertale Custom

Kind of keeping my eyes out for these items in case I need them for a future Undertale themed custom.

''99' here is a reminder to myself that the item is buyable in the NC mall.

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