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Gallery UFT

This list is empty.

My Closet

These items are currently in my closet. Not everything I own.

SELECT CLOSET ITEMS will be offered for the following PRIORITY wishes ONLY.
Currently seeking:

Not all items generally uft.
Very unlikely to trade items marked "8".

Not uft for gbcs.
GBC sale items in my gallery.

FYI: this is my new DTI closet list and a work in progress. I could not recall my info from my first acct when I returned from hiatus last month. Please bear with me as I reconstruct my working TL.

Thank you.

This list is empty.

Items pinkfairie wants

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Wishlist #1

Seasonal items I am currently seeking.
Those marked "4" are for gifting.
For items for me marked "3", I may part with certain closet items of equivalent value.
Feel free to message me at pinkfairiedust.

This list is empty.

Wishlist #2

Items I am actively seeking.
Offering closet items for the higher valued wishes marked "5".
Offering gallery TL for ~1/2 cap items.
Items marked "4" are for gifting.
Please message me at pinkfairiedust to negotiate.

This list is empty.
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