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00. Hello ~

i'm blue dabadi daba da (8)

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01. Limited time buyables UFT.




Pretty much anything buyable on the mall right now :)

I'll have to buy these items to trade them, I have NC available pretty much all the time fortunately, so yeah, just to let you know!

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03. My little trading list ~

100 : Stands for boxless sides ~ / Some of these items are 2:1, just ask c: / I can offer UL custom too!

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01. Wishlist // PRIORITY: GBCS.

I'm willing to trade anything in here for anything in my TL or anything buyable at NC Mall, cookies, gbcs, etc.

Trade value based on /~korolie.

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03. Little Pretty Wishes ~

Absolutly every nc item I like! I use this list as a reference when comparing my list with somebody's else lists, but I keep it public so other people can do the same ~

I can't prioritize most of these items but you can give it try when offering them to trade with me ~ ^u^

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