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*** Fancy title goes here ***

Hello! Name's Lina, and I'm pretty patient and mostly reasonable, though I can be quite sentimental with certain items, but I won't bite your head off for asking or anything :P

Don't be afraid to neomail me offers; I'll get back to you as soon as possible, and the worst I can say is no thanks ^_^

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Ah, the dreaded HTPW section... These are items I'd rather hold on to, but I might be willing to part with them for certain priority wishes. Don't be afraid to make offers, worst that could happen is I say no thanks ^_^ Note: For buyables, I will essentially be offering a custom, so I'm fine with trading them for most priority wishes ;)

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Regular UFT

I'm not all that attached to these things, so I really don't mind trading them. While I am mainly looking for WL items, if there's something here you want real bad, I'm open to browsing your TL :)

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1. High Priority

I want these, and I want them real bad. I may part with hidden closet items for these, and I'm willing to look for your wishes! If I don't have what you're seeking, ask me about a custom :) Note: Wishes marked with 2 are for tikiara

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2. Priority

I'm currently looking for these, but I'm not really desperate for them. If possible, I'd like to try to work out item:item trades for these items, but I might be up for doing customs for some of them. Don't be afraid to ask, I won't bite ;) Not all wishes are for myself, but I'm seeking them just as actively as my personal ones! Note: Wishes marked with 2 are for tikiara

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3. For friends

These are items I'm on the lookout for friends! I am interested in trading for these items ^_^

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