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HI Here is Daya

I love to receive offers by neomail, and also, that answer mine. :D

Well, I'll explain how my lists work.

  • UFT LIST * In the first part I have my UFT items. They are all separated by categories, but only for organization. All of these items are UFT. Most of them are worth 1 ~ 2 GBC, item-by-item trades are also accepted. Ask me any questions. ;)

  • Closet LIST * In this part, there are my closet items. They are also separated by categories. They are of greater value. And most of them are NOT uft. I DO NOT ACCEPT GBCS for them. Mainest of lists * Closet Background and Closet Clothes *

  • I have hidden Lists too, but I only open them, for high exchanges.

I am always open to negotiations !! I am currently online, and I answer the neomail practically every day. But I can take times, I'm sorry. :)

Thanks for listening!! :*

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001 UFT

I accept GBC and items from my wish list. I Have Itens 2:1. Neomail me.

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Items from my Closet: Up for trade only for items from my Whish lists. Send neomail with your offer. Number 9 Difficult trade.

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