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2:1 (buyables)

Send me a GBC and I will send you whatever two of these items you seek. :)

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NC Trading

This is my official tradelist.

I rarely do customs, as I rarely have neocash and I often have limited boxes.

I am always open to trading my items for gift box capsules (sometimes this might be necessary) or dyeworks potions.

I use /~waka to help me to determine values, and I aim to trade as fairly as possible for everyone.

My Non-Wearables trade list is here:

Thanks for looking!

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Items Kimmi wants

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NC Priority Wishlist

These are the NC items I most want to own.

I'm more likely to be willing to consider trades including my closet items for items from this list, if needed. If I have NC I'm also happy to consider customs for these items.

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NC Wishlist

I am seeking all the items on here, with varying priorities but there are many items released over the past year or so that I just haven't gotten around to adding.

Feel free to point me to your trade list if you're seeking something of mine.

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NP Wishlist

Neopoint items wishlist

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PB Clothes

I am seeking these paint brush clothes, however as yet I don't have the pet to transfer them.

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