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2:1 (buyables)

I'm likely to be happy to trade you two of these items for any one of your items that I'm seeking (even if your item is worth 1 capsule).

Offering dyeworks potions for any of these items would be an automatic trade for me as well, as I'm always on the lookout for these.

Alternatively, if you send me a GBC I will send you whatever two of these items you seek. :)

This list is empty.


This is all of the stuff that I own. These items range from buyables to items that retired long ago.

Feel free to offer on items from this list, some things I'm more attached to than others but always happy to hear fair offers.

I am far more likely to trade items from this list for items in my priority wishlist than my regular wishlist.

I usually use /~korolie for trade values.