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00. General Information

This Tradinglist contains most of the items I own. I only don't include items that are currently part of a custom for one of my neopets, or those I am not sure if I will use them in a custom I'm planning.

If you are interested in something specific, or something unlisted, feel free to ask! I'll most likely consider any fair offer. Either nm me, or catch me at the boards!

Once you got in touch with me via nm, please note that I'm living in germany, maybe I'm asleep while you're waiting for a response, so don't get mad, I'm online daily. :)

If I reject an offer that is perfectly fine, then I most likely am hard to part with the item you were asking for, or got a customization in mind which could or will make use of that item. This most likely won't happen for I wouldn't have it listed here then, but please excuse if it does, then I just forgot to take it out of my list - or am setting up the custom right at the moment. :s

Well then: Feel free to have a look, I am open for casual trades, and if you want to trade an item for a wish of mine, I am as well willing to do a NC Mall custom if needed.

Gift Boxes available: Enough!

This list is empty.

_currently used in a customization_

If you can see this TL, I am really into something at the moment. Please note that I will only give those items away if I really am into something from my WL, and I hardly will trade them for something I'm not after.

This list is empty.
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