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1. NC Regular UFT

Highlights: higher than 1 GBC value, new, or just pretties!

99's are HTPW! My apologies! Any other number denotes approximate values from ~korolie for my reference, and any 2 digit will signify a range (i.e., 23 stands for 2-3 caps). This is not necessarily what I am asking for this item! Just a guide!

Current GBC count: 1
Current box count: 6

Custom available? Yes!

This list is empty.

3. 2:1 Sale

*Temporarily pretty boxless, I may have to check if items are on the same account first!

This list is empty.

Pending Trades

These items are tentatively reserved, may or may not have a trade for!

This list is empty.

Items ticking_bomb wants

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High Priority Wishlist

Actively seeking/High Priority

Will offer any of my UFT, available GBCs, or available custom!

~A big shout out to drum116 for trading me my Crokabek Garland and devin1211111 for trading my Lawyerbot Briefcase, my two most coveted, long-time wishes! Thank you both so much!! ~

This list is empty.

Lower Priority NC Wishlist

Seeking more passively at the moment, but feel free to offer if you have them!

Numbers denote the value according to ~korolie for my reference.

This list is empty.

Lowest Priority

I just think they're neat/pretty, and MIGHT want them at some point!

Not actively seeking at all/most likely to reject an offer for!

This list is empty.

Seasonal Wishlist

Small seasonal outfit items I'm in no particular hurry to get.

This list is empty.
Dress to Impress
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