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99's are HTPW, probably won't let go for anything short of my high priority list! My apologies! Any other number denotes approximate values from ~korolie for my reference, and any 2 digit will signify a range (i.e., 23 stands for 2-3 caps). This is not necessarily what I am asking for this item. Also please allow for at least 24 hours for a reply! Work keeps me busy!

Current GBC count: 5
Current box count: 15

Custom available? Yes!

This list is empty.

3. 2:1 Sale

*Temporarily pretty boxless, I may have to check if items are on the same account first!

This list is empty.

Pending Trades

These items are tentatively reserved, may or may not have a trade for!

This list is empty.

Items ticking_bomb wants

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High Priority Wishlist

Actively seeking/High Priority

Will offer any of my UFT, available GBCs, or available custom!

Numbers denote the value according to ~korolie for my reference, with 2 digit values indicating a range (i.e., 23 = 2-3 cap value).

~A big shout out to drum116 for trading me my Crokabek Garland and devin1211111 for trading my Lawyerbot Briefcase, my two most coveted, long-time wishes! Thank you both so much!! ~

This list is empty.

Lower Priority Wishlist

Seeking more passively at the moment, but feel free to offer if you have them!

This list is empty.

Lowest Priority Wishlist

I just think they're neat/pretty, and MIGHT want them at some point!

Not actively seeking at all/most likely to reject an offer for!

This list is empty.

Seasonal Wishlist

Small seasonal outfit items I'm in no particular hurry to get.

This list is empty.

The 'Pets I don't have yet' List

Just like the title says, these are tentative wishes until I actually obtain the pet they're intended for. Mostly for my reference, but feel free to offer away!

This list is empty.
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