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Items prexoious owns

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0. Gifts

I've received these items from some very amazing and special Neopians. I can never thank you enough for your generosity!

This list is empty.

1. Trade List

Last Updated: 29 March 2021

(I am on semi-hiatus. I'm sorry if I missed your NM!)

I go by ~Waka and ~Priscilla.

Number on each item represents how much they're worth (i.e. 12 = 1-2, 3 = 3, 45 = 4-5)

I can always offer GBCs, Cookies and Customs.

I'm only trading for WL items, unless specifically stated on board.

I have a Closet which is marked as private so everything you see is UFT.

Please don't feel insulted if I reject your offer, I'm quite attached to some of these! I am particularly fond of backgrounds so I'm sorry if I'm turning down a perfectly fair offer! My inbox is always open if you'd like to message me regarding a trade c:

This list is empty.


This list is set to Public instead of Trading.

These are not necessarily popular or highly valued items but I am still unlikely to trade these items away as I either like them, may use them for future customs or were for would be customs.

Think of them as dreams I was forced to give up on ;u;

But I may be open to trading them for high-value high priority wishes.

This list is empty.

4. UFT 2:1

I will trade 2 items here for 1 GBC or 1 Archive Cookie c:


I will trade 1 item here for 1 Faerie Quest Cookie or 1 Dyeworks Pot c:

Quantity is how many I have of that item.

This list is empty.

5. Unknown Value

These don't have a value on ~Waka yet. I will update them as soon as more information is available

I’m less likely to trade these until their value stabilises as most of these items are new. So I apologise if I reject your offer :c

This list is empty.

Items prexoious wants

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1. NC Wishlist

Minor custom items for pets I already own


Things I need for customs of pets I do not yet own

Number represents their value (i.e. 12 = 1-2, 3 = 3, 45 = 4-5).

This list is empty.

2. NC Wishlist (Priority)

3. Casually Seeking

I don't need these of anything right now. I just think they're really pretty or I traded them away and I need to replace them ;u;

This list is empty.
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